Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walk/Run for Autism - Surry County Chapter in Mount Airy, NC

What an amazing turn-out up in the beautiful scenic Mount Airy, NC for a show of support for the North Carolina Autism Society. We had the entire Team of professional mobile DJ's - Disc Jockeys - who also perform Karaoke and our Photo Booth Hosts - Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth in Mount Airy, on Saturday for the Autism of North Carolina Surry County Chapter run/walk.  All who came to support Autism were having a delightful day of activities, music, food, vendors, and our Snap Shot Photo Booth was busy, we posted pics of Snap Shot Photo Booth at the Surry County Chapter Autism walk/run in an earlier BLOG on Monday Below Check out the group of teams + all the individuals being prepped to run/walk at the start line, many stuck around to enjoy other activities such as Zumba, and check out Bridget Soots (parent volunteer - one holding the flowers) who did an unbelievable job with her Team.  Ms. Soots with her team were very proud for such an amazing turn out.  Thanks for having us and getting ready for the next NC Autism Society run/walk May 17th in Beaufort, NC

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

North Moore High PROM @ Sandyhills Community College

Our entertainment and Karaoke company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth DJ - professional mobile Disc Jockey, DJ-Jay killin it at the North Moore High School Prom.  Also our Snap Shot Photo Booth HOST Caraline lookin good.  Excellent Job DJ-Jay (a.k.a. Josh) and job well done Caraline keeping up with the line of Graduating Students taking pictures.  The Student's screamed out our names with cheer at the end of the Prom and let me tell you that's an amazing compliment.  The pics are of Snap Shot Photo Booth HOST Caraline, Students doin the Wobble at North Moore High Prom, check professional Disc Jockey, DJ-Jay lookin Dapper, and Thumbs up from the Prom King Andrew and his Prom Queen Susan enjoying their first dance together. Gearing up for The Sandyhills College "extravaganza graduation celebration" next month!  Our Autism Run/Walk of Surry County over the past weekend in scenic Mount Airy, NC will be coming to you all tomorrow with an incredible turn-out and awesome pics...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photo Booth Had a Fun time this weekend

Happy Monday Everyone!  
And what a busy-N-fun weekend for not only our amazing well appreciated Team of DJ's - Disc Jockeys, and Photo Booth Hosts here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth 
But fun for all the people, students, and Brides/Grooms we entertained!  Not to mention a ton of traveling this past weekend and speaking of traveling check out one of many funny Snap Shot Photo Strip's taken over the weekend during the Surry County Chapter 16th Annual Autism Run/Walk in Mount Airy, NC over the weekend  

So busy that our entertainment and Karaoke company will be posting all our PROMS, Weddings, and Graduation parties all week long from this past weekend.  Speaking of traveling... from the top of the scenic town of Mount Airy, NC sponsoring Autism to Pinehurst, NC our entertainment company performed DJ services as well as Photo Booth services for the North Moore High School Prom this weekend on the property of the Sandyhills Community College, Pinehurst. A photo of North Moore High "Graduating Seniors" inside our Snap Shot Photo Booth also below.  Congrats North Moore High and all who supported the 16th Annual Surry County Chapter Walk for Autism

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dance Floors, Why? Why not?

Why a Dance Floor?  Why not?  More importantly a Dance Floor sets the atmosphere, no doubt about it - it's inviting at any celebration, and certainly compliments your event.  Of course there is a cost whether you rent it, and/or add it from the facility, or simply get it from us here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion DJ - Disc Jockey - Karaoke, and Decor LED ambient wall up-lighting event entertainment company Click on our website's "Photo Gallery" and check out several pics of our dance floors we have in stock. Suitable for out side or in, tough, professional looking, and sets the theme for a celebration.    
For a personal view, we welcome you to come visit Raleigh's first and only Interactive Showroom - Our Showroom, where you can see all our dance floors + receive a personalized no obligation demonstration of our DJ Talent, MC Skills, Dance Lighting, other products, and services that we can include at your next celebration including a dance floor.  Why?  Why Not?  More importantly no other entertainment DJ company offers a showroom experience.  The competition can only offer you a coffee at an internet cafe to use their laptop, or welcome you to come into their home office somewhere in the boonies, or at a corporate location.  I don't know about you... but I'm all set hiring my DJ who can make or break my celebration off a lap top presentation.  We not only encourage you to schedule a DJ/MC Interactive Showroom appointment at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth - Photo Booths but we welcome you to have some fun, sit back, relax, have a beer, or a glass of wine, snacks, dance on our dance floor to our personalized Disc Jockey demo, choose a song to sing on Karaoke, plus check out our Decor LED ambient wall up-lighting surrounding the entire dance floor in our Interactive Showroom.  If your seeking a dance floor rental or the best entertainment possible for your next wedding or celebration, our Interactive Showroom is not only going to be your best decision when sourcing for a professional mobile Disc Jockey but it's a free visit, fun, we love doing them, and you'll leave with a ton of helpful information.
Come on in and check out our dance floors? Why not?  Our cost is only $300 for up to a 20x20. The pics below are a 10x10 and a 12x14. See you soon... 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mount Airy Autism Society of NC Surry County Chapter Run/Walk Saturday 4.26.14 * 8-11:am

Hey everyone, thanks for notifying us in an earlier BLOG (posted about the next Autism Society's 16th Annual Run/Walk event) with the ole spelling era on Mount Airy.
We since made the correction and thought we provide another plug for such an amazing organization that works very hard and does so much.  The 16th Annual Surry County Chapter Run/Walk for Autism this Saturday April 26th Downtown Mount Airy at Riverside Park come alone, with a team, family, and/or friends.  Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth are proud sponsors and are sponsoring all their staging, lighting, music, and the sound for this fun event that begins at 8:am - 11:am.  A ton of great food, door prizes, merchandise from a variety of vendors, dancing, 5K run/walk, Kids Dash, and just ADDED our FUN Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth - get four pics of you or you with family, friends, and/or your team on a photo strip as an Autism Run/Walk memorabilia-favor.  
A Shout out and a H-U-G-E thank you to Allyni Tate for raising $1,000 in honor of her Brother TEAM Colton.  So please join us and meet us this Saturday downtown Mount Airy for a great time with the Autism Society of NC Surry County Chapter & show your support, be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Proms, Weddings, & Graduations

It's party season here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth and B-U-S-Y but our DJ - Disc Jockey - Karaoke - and Photo Booth entertainment company is having so much fun being busy specifically with all the Grads and Newlyweds. Yesterday we brought you a BLOG "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles"...and tis the season for Proms, Weddings, and Graduation parties.  We did Midway's High school dances through out the year this year and recently their PROM with Disc Jockey and Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth.  Promised to post Midway High's Prom King and Queen photo strip, winners Vanessa and Dwayne who make a sweet couple.  For more information for our amazing, fun, and busy entertainment/photo booth company for your next graduation celebration, wedding, or any type of event big or small call us 919.880.2625 anytime OR visit us Home of the first and only DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, Raleigh, NC - A free personalized demonstration of our DJ talent, MC Skills, products, and other services we can implement at your next party! Click for more of our BLOGS

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Proms, Weddings, and Graduation parties

You heard of planes, trains, and automobiles - well Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth DJ (disc jockey), Karaoke, and event LED wall up-lighting entertainment services is all about proms, weddings, and graduations.
Over the weekend we just performed DJ services as well as Photo Booth services for several schools/colleges this season and specifically with the Midway High School PROM.  It was awesome and a very fun time!  Students danced from beginning to end and the Pic below is of 300 Midway High School Students slow dancing to Everything I Do I Do For You by Bryan Adams. We'll kick out the King and Queen photo booth pic in tomorrow's BLOG.  Want to give a shout out to the Raiders! Thanks for having us Midway High and congrats to all the Seniors - see all you Juniors next year - Seniors we will see you again at your college FRAT parties - have a great summer everyone.

Monday, April 21, 2014

16th annual Mount Run/Walk for Autism this Saturday 4.26.14 - come out and join us!

As a proud sponsor for the Autism Society of North Carolina our DJ - event disc jockey - karaoke company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth is gearing up for the 16th annual Mount Airy Run/Walk for Autism this Saturday April 26th 8:am - 11:am downtown main Street Mount Airy, NC which includes 5K race, 5Krun/walk, 1 mile run/walk, and the kid's dash.  We welcome you to come out with your running or walking shoes, bring your family, and/or friends, to show your support.  Lot's of vendors from crafts, to food, to fun, and great music.  Our company recently sponsored the World Autism Awareness and Acceptance day earlier this month at Camp Royall. So many activities and games with everyone, pic below is of the "water balloon toss" as well as many other activities and games we all did at the World Autism Awareness day.  Come join us this Saturday for just as much fun and excitement to show your support like so many other great sponsors do for such an important cause...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remarrying, some research we did to conclude on doing it right topic

Don't let our research about remarrying brought to you by Wedding Wire discourage our newly weds marrying for the first-time.  We supply advice, support, and BLOGS of info of every kind.
If you had a big formal first wedding, should your 2nd or 3rd remarrying be small and low-key? Doing it up all over again may remind you too much of that first time (and the fact that the first marriage didn't work out) You may find a low-key, intimate affair better fits your personality these days.  But if you didn't have a big first time wedding, don't be afraid to do it now with Feel The Sound with Music In Motion as your wedding Disc Jockey/MC Certainly if this is the first time marriage for your spouse-to-be or either of you and want a big, formal wedding, then call us 919.880.2625, and go for it!
How are remarrying invitations worded?  Your parents may have paid your first wedding, or even if they didn't they may have served as the Hosts of the party with names listed on the invitations. 2nd-3rd time invites can be worded traditionally as well, but this time you and your Spouse-to-be may want to Host your own wedding, especially if your paying for it.  Certainly you can include a line on your invites to honor your parents, such as;
Rebecca Baker Smith and Jonathan Simonsen
together with their parents request the honor of your presence at their marriage etc.
Finally, the kids (if their are any), how can you include your kids?
A remarrying Bride has had her son escort her down the aisle.  A daughter be her Mom's Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid.  A remarrying Groom can choose his son as Best Man or Groomsmen. Other examples are children honoring to be Flower Girls and/or Ring Bearers.  Regardless it's certainly a nice touch including your children in your wedding even with a children's dance following your first Dance at the wedding reception.  For more on this topic and more educating and fun fact blogs go to thanks for reading. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Remarrying? Some more tips we researched on doing it right

Nothing against the ole saying "you only get married once" but our entertainment wedding company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion does 2nd and 3rd wedding celebrations often, although not as common as first time wedding celebrations we DJ/MC every weekend.  As we continue our research on an article through Wedding Wire , Can The Bride wear White? According to the research this is the #1 concern for re-marrying and the answer is resounding yes! True, white is used to connote purity and virginity.  But long before that it was simply the color of celebration. Or, if you like, wear a colored dress (maybe with a hint of pink, lavender, or celadon) or a nice suit instead.
Can the Bride wear a veil?  Generally through the research it is still only appropriate for first-time Brides to wear them.  Opt for a pretty tiara or fresh flowers woven into your hair instead.
Can we have Attendants?  You definitely each need a witness to sign your marriage license - generally that's the Maid Of Honor (if unmarried) or called Matron of Honor (if married) and Best Man - but any 2 adults can do that for you.  Remarrying couples don't usually have as many attendants as some first-time marriages do, but that doesn't mean you can't have your closet friends, children, siblings, and even parents all at your side.  Like when selecting the music through your DJ - Disc Jockey here, ultimately it's your wedding and all the choices are yours. WE are simply here for suggestions, advice, and support.  Two more parts of this series will continue with "how BIG or small the remarrying reception should be" and "how invitations are to be worded" come tomorrow.  More on this topic and other blogs

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Remarrying? Some tips we researched on doing it right, continued

As a continuance to a great article written by the Wedding Wire and you can find us on the Wedding Wire please do not get discouraged, our company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion wedding DJs - Disc Jockey entertainment and Photo Booth, Snap Shot Photo Booth do 2nd marriage and even 3rd marriage celebrations all the time and unfortunately it's not that uncommon, with this said... is it appropriate to register for gifts?
You may already have all the home stuff you'll ever need.  Or maybe you don't.  Either way it's acceptable to register.  But if you're uncomfortable with it nothing says you have to.  Or you might want to consider alternative registries: wine, books, sporting equipment, or something else that you two love.  You can even register for a honeymoon or a mortgage.  What about a shower?
Again, you may not need all the home stuff that many first-time Brides receive at their Showers, but that doesn't mean you can't have a get-together with your closest female friends and relatives (or a couple Shower for the both of you).  The Host(ess) may decide to give the Shower a special theme.  There's cooking (guests can give their favorite cookbooks, gourmet foods, etc.), literally (books to fill out the collection everyone knows you treasure) or travel (gifts that relate to your honeymoon destination). Or she may just let everyone know that no gift is required - and to simply prepare a good Shower celebration with Feel The Sound with Music In Motion.  Raleigh's first and only DJ/MC Interactive Showroom and for a personalized demonstration of our DJ talent, MC skills, listen to our sound systems, see different dance lighting for the dancing, try our Photo Booth, Snap Shot Photo Booth, and inquire about adding Decor LED ambient wall up-lighting that will make your venue look amazing then visit  Thought we would add this plug:-)
Remarrying?  Can the Bride wear a veil?  Can you have attendants?  If you had a big, formal first wedding, should this one be small and low key?  All answered in tomorrow's BLOG

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remarrying? Some tips we researched on doing it right

No offence to "you only get married once" but our company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion wedding DJ service does a lot of second marriage celebrations, not a bad thing but if your wondering how to remarry and do it right?  We got your answers, below is some research we did on re-marring distributed by the
How do we announce our Engagement?  If either of you have children, they should be the first to know.  Then tell your parents and immediate family.  Ex-spouses should hear the news if you have children together.  Then fill in friends and other relatives.  If you are recently widowed of divorced, you may not want to do a public announcement (newspaper-internet).
Speaking of Ex-spouses, do you have to tell Ex-spouses?  We read that if you have children with your ex, then yes, you do.  Because your new husband or wife is going to have an influence on your kid's lives, it's important that their other parent be aware of the situation.  Otherwise, no, you're not obligated to let the Ex-spouse know however, if your still on good terms with your ex, it's courteous to fill him or her in.
Is it appropriate to register for gifts?  What about a shower?  continued in tomorrow's BLOG Remarrying.  For more info on Disc Jockey event entertainment, Karaoke, Photo Booth, or Decor LED ambient wall up-lighting visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reason for our "Names in Lights" a.k.a. GOBO

A name light, your "Name in Lights" - particularly at a wedding a.k.a. Gobo light is a really cool feature and not all that common, which will set your event apart from the others.  Unfortunately it is an expense because no "Name Light" is the same and so you incur the expense of the graphic designer to create the "Name Light".  Your "Name Light" consist of your first name(s) and wedding/event date or first name(s) and last initial of your new married wedding name - basically you get the choice of two lines.  You can certainly go for three or four lines but it begins to shrink the graphic, in other words the two lines V.S. three or four lines makes the graphic bigger and clearer.  The cost ranges but on average is $200.00 or less and again this is because no two "Name Lights" are the same and the graphic work is an expense.  The "Name Light" itself is an expensive fixture if you choose an entertainment company who has a top of the line quality one and there bulbs are between $60.00 - $120.00 with a 20 hour life span.  The reason to consider and choose a "Name Light" is again it's awesome cool looking decor feature, sets you apart from the average wedding or event, in the sense they are also chosen for Quinceanera's, Sweet 16, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  Some examples of our "Name Lights" are below shining on a venue wall or the dance floor, our cost only $165 and for real live samples of "Name Lights" a.k.a. Gobo, visit North Carolina's first and only Interactive Showroom, our Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth showroom here in Raleigh. Your one stop shop for Wedding Dj's, Event Disc Jockeys, Karaoke, Photo Booths, and decor ambient LED wall up-lighting

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weddings, Proms, & Graduation parties makes a busy but FUN weekend

Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and our Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth were all very busy this past weekend!  All events were a success and so much fun!  We want to do a shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Jennings who Gracefully put up with the gusty winds during their outside Ceremony at The Starlight Meadow, Burlington and Jeremy Oehling, Facility Manger - check it out for your next event  With the gusty winds our company (at an outside Graduation Party) had a speaker stand blow over Friday, luckily no damage being on grass, and no one around. For more info on the best DJ entertainment, Wedding Disc Jockey, Karaoke, Snap Shot Photo Booth, and our elegant Decor LED ambient wall up-lighting visit us at Pic is of Mr. & Mrs. Jennings dancing to "you make me wanna shout" from Animal House - Otis Day and The Knights this past weekend.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Long after wedding, ring will still be shining - Fun Facts

Thanks for all your correspondents with our BLOG Fun Facts about the Wedding Ring via email.
Our company specializes in wedding DJ - Disc Jockey entertainment Raleigh, NC and surrounding, plus Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth, and elegant Decor Ambient Decor LED wall (event) up-lighting however, we are constantly reading and researching on all areas of wedding trends and today's information which is why we BLOG and are delighted to share some of this really cool Fun Facts that we research onto you - to learn more about our BLOG "Fun Facts about the Diamond Ring" The Tiffany & Co. "How to buy a Diamond" guide is available in both print and video format through out there stores and we have a copy here at Raleigh's first ever and only Interactive DJ/MC Showroom.  A personalized demonstration of our DJ talent, MC skills, other products, and services. You can call 1-800-526-0649 "How To Buy Diamonds You'll Be Proud To Give" is a booklet available from Diamond Information Center.  Or visit

Friday, April 11, 2014

Did you know Diamonds are priced a.k.a. judged by "the Four C's"

- cut, color, clarity, and carat.  Cut refers to the jeweler's shaping.  Cutting the Diamond makes the Diamond sparkle more.  Color is the naturalization of the Diamond from pure white (the most prized) to Diamond's with a hint of color.  Clarity is a rating from Jeweler experts based on a rating of the natural inclusions or non-crystallized carbon traces which both are present in all Diamonds. Now you've seen how that Jeweler looks through that binocular looking eye glass when observing a Diamond...well this is what he/she is looking for to determine if it's a real Diamond and it's value. Fact:  The fewer the inclusions, the rarer the stone, which ups its value.  Carat is simply the weight of the Diamond.  A carat = 0.2 grams.  In whole a Groom's two month's salary as a guideline for the expenditure of a Diamond before proposing...don't break the bank guys, she'll always love you no matter how the cut, color, clarity, or carat of the Diamond.  This concludes our Fun Facts of the Wedding ring.  To learn more about wedding DJ (disc jockey) entertainment, Karaoke, Proms/Graduations, Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, other events, our ambient decor LED wall up-lighting, and Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth visit us today; 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Fun Facts about the Wedding Ring continued...

According to Tiffany & Co., Bridal Guide magazine, and The national Diamond Information center; Diamonds were originally discovered in India 3,000 years ago.  Originally Diamonds were considered "teardrops" from the Gods, this according to the Greeks.  They say Diamonds had come from falling stars (which still do today) that guide the arrow of Eros, a.k.a. The God of Love, which brings me to the true definition of the "wedding ring" is said that once purchased, asked to Marry, and placed on your finger, that it's suppose to contain magnetic powers that holds couples together forever and ever and at least in the 15th Century that may have been the case. The true meaning of an "engagement ring" with the use of a Diamond ring are thought to have originated with European royalty in the 15th Century.  Thanks for reading and we will continue our Wedding Ring Fun Facts tomorrow.  For Wedding, Karaoke, Photo Booth, decor LED wall up-lighting, Dj - Disc Jockey and other audio visual products and services visit...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun Facts about the wedding Ring

The Bride's engagement ring stands out as the most significant part of any wedding jewelry.  It will last beyond your lifetime, possibly to be enjoyed by your children.  According to jewelry standards experts...nearly 70% of all Brides-to-be will receive rings with diamonds.  However, colored gems, used alone or in combination with diamonds are gaining popularity according to the latest publication of Bridal Guide magazine.  In fact before diamonds were readily available, colored gems were the betrothal stones of choice.  More fun facts about your wedding ring continued from Tiffany & Thanks for reading our BLOG.
Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth Wedding and Event DJ entertainment - elegant decor LED ambient wall up-lighting - Photo Booth and home of North Carolina's first and only personalized DJ/MC Interactive Showroom. 919.880.2625

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Over 500 successful Weddings & STILL going S-T-R-O-N-G

Our company Feel The Sound with Music In Motion and Snap Shot Photo Booth has a preferred vendor relationship with the Homewood Suites by Hilton of Cary, NC and we received a booking from the Sales/Catering Manager, Marie Flynn, for this past Saturday night's Mr. & Mrs. Jennings successful Wedding Reception.  Wedding DJ "Josh C." rocked the House, or in this case rocked the Hotel, with an amazing performance, that kept everyone at the wedding reception up off there seats, and dancing non stop the whole night. We also had set up 12 of our elegant decor LED wall up-lighting that made the room look amazing. The Bride Meagan and Groom Collin selected Spring like colors being pink-N-light green as our elegant decor LED wall up-lighting comes in 18 different colors that can be seen at North Carolina's first and only DJ/MC interactive Showroom (our showroom in Raleigh) which is a personalized demonstration of our DJ talent, MC skills, an example of all our products, and a showing of other services we can implement at your wedding or any type of event.  Pics say it all...

Monday, April 7, 2014


We did North Carolina's Forever Bridal Show at NC State Fairgrounds this past weekend and it was a HUGE success.  Thanks to all the Bride and Groom's who attended and showed interest in our amazing wedding Disc Jockey, Photo Booth - Snap Shot Photo Booth, and our elegant decor LED wall up-lighting services.  We had over 100 Brides sign up to receive 200 off any of our services...that's right 106 to be exact!  Emails to qualify to receive your 200 off will be going out to you all within 48hours. If you are reading this BLOG and did not participate and would like to qualify well it's not to late to receive 200 off... simply call 919.880.2625 or reach out to us through contact form at your earliest convenience to get your 200 off via email.  Below is a pic of some of our DJ Team (left to right) professional DJ/MC Josh C. - Steve Max - and Sye.  Taking pic is Snap Shot Photo Booth HOST Caraline.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Snows in Raleigh? HUH... Yeppers

One of our wedding DJ's of Feel The Sound with Music In Motion took this picture about two months ago in front of Raleigh's first and only DJ/MC Interactive Showroom, our Interactive Showroom, which is a personalized no obligation consultation demonstration of our DJ talent, MC skills, and the showing of our other products and services.  This pic here is of 2 inches of snow February 22nd outside our showroom however, the snow is gone now, Spring is in the air, so schedule your interactive Disc Jockey appointment today 919.880.2625 - also offering Photo Booth, Snap Shot Photo Booth and event decor LED wall up-lighting services.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Autism World Day was fun and exciting for all who attended

Yesterday - Tues.04.02.14, was a lot of fun for the kids and our entire team here at Feel The Sound with Music In Motion at Camp Royall.  The day was beautiful, lots of kids, and adults participating in games such as the waterballon toss which was refreshing and real life armor and knights came out to battle with real swords and shields, in an amazing performance...just check out the pics.  We can't wait to the Autism's Mount Erie downtown run walk for Autism April 26th, come join us again!